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Dean N. Stallard ARCM

Flautist, flute pedagogue


Born 1963 in Ash, Surrey, Dean Stallard left school at the age of 16 to join the British Military as a musician. After 2 years at military music academy he spent the next 9 extensively touring Europe with the band of The Kings Royal Hussars.

In 1990 Dean left the military and relocated to Norway where he lives today just outside Oslo with his wife Fride Lina and daughter Konstanze. 

After moving to Norway, Dean studied flute with Torkil Bye of the Oslo Philharmonic and started a career as a freelance flautist and teacher. Dean took up a permanent teaching position at the Oslo School of Fine Arts in 2000 after several years of teaching in the school`s department for talented young musicians.

Working in the "talent school" prompted Dean to address the large age gap between gifted youngsters on string instruments and those who start later on the flute. Today Dean teaches the flute to children as young as age 5 using the Yamaha fife and is a teacher much in demand.

Dean`s ideas regarding flute pedagogy have been well received and since 2001 he has been a regular columnist for Flutewise. He has been a guest lecturer in Finland, Italy and England.

In his free time Dean enjoys ski-ing and cycling. He is a keen fly-fisher and together with his family enjoys many camping trips into the forests that surround Oslo.